Astondoa invites its followers on social media to take part in the design of the interior of its new model

#FeelAstondoa, Astondoa’s new campaign for its forthcoming launch

Astondoa becomes the first shipyard to launch a boat whose interior has been chosen by its followers on social media, and once again surprises its followers with a risky online communication campaign for the launch of a new model in the Coupe sporty line.

Once again, the creativity and freshness of ASTONDOA’s communication and marketing team, led by Ione Astondoa, can be felt in the online campaign that the Spanish luxury shipyard has developed for the promotion of its next launch, a new model of its Coupe sporty line.

#FeelAstondoa, the hashtag chosen as the claim for the campaign, responds to this objective, making it clear that the soul of the brand can be felt closer than ever by participating in this campaign, which is completed with the Call to Action: Choose your favourite option and make history! This is the first time that a shipyard has put the choice of the interior design of a model to be presented this year in the hands of its online community.

“Personalizing our boats is in Astondoa’s DNA. With the campaign that we have created, we wanted to share this process with our followers and follow the trends in social media in other sectors of the luxury world, such as fashion, where customization is also key and responds to the exclusivity demanded by our customers and which we have been practising for decades. In luxury yachting industry, we are going to be the first brand to launch a boat whose interior will be chosen by our followers on social media, we want to involve our fans in our history and continue writing pages of it”. Ione Astondoa, head of communication and marketing at Astilleros Astondoa.


Soon, the shipyard’s fans will have to decide between the three design options proposed for the decoration of the VIP cabin of the new model through a “battle” between them.

The audiovisual piece that kicks off the campaign is a short film, in which the design process of the boat is clearly shown, as well as the excitement and teamwork that takes place at such a strategic moment in the development of each new model of boat.

The campaign will be online from this week until the end of April on the brand’s Instagram and Facebook profiles and will be completed with other platforms such as Youtube.  It will cover the Spanish market and the international areas where the shipyard is present such as Europe, Middle East, United States, Mexico and the Caribbean.


Our ships are the result of more than 100 years of experience. Today, four generations have seen Astondoa ships built. Throughout our history, we have been committed to technology, with design and innovation being a fundamental part of our DNA.

Building an Astondoa boat requires passion and commitment. Each boat is designed 100% to the taste and needs of each customer. Each boat is unique, made to detail and tailor-made.

Because just as no two people are alike, no two Astondoas are alike.

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