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377 Coupe, everything you are in just 40 feet

Unique, infallible, versatile, bold, sporty and powerful

ASTONDOA surprises the luxury yachts world with the latest spot for its sporty yacht yet in a RESET& RESTART exercise of its communication

HOW WOULD YOU DEFINE YOURSELF? That is the big question that the main character of Astondoa’s new communication campaign poses in the spot launched for the promotion of its most sporty boat so far, in an exercise that has been called RESET & RESTART of its communication from the shipyard. The answer to this question is a whole series of attributes that define the main character of this story and the 377 Coupe, its “Nemesis”: leader, infallible, versatile, sociable and unique in the market thanks to the configuration of its spaces and finishes.

The 377 Coupe is a highly versatile dayboat, offering a high degree of customization in what is already the second model in the Shipyard’s exclusive “Coupe” sports line.  Following the success of the first launch of the same range, customers were looking for a more compact version for day boat. As a result, Astondoa’s design team created a sporty, fun-to-drive boat with the comfort of a yacht. Everything that demanding customers need in just 12 meters in length, the essence of passion for detail and luxury finishes are fused in the 377 with above-average performance in its segment. A boat that is the result of the design exercise that the Spanish shipyard has turned into a great bet for the market in this line of luxury sports boats;  now accompanied by a more dynamic, risky and passionate communication, as this boat is by itself.

Beyond the conventional to turn a trend into a unique model

The hull design of the Astondoa 377 Coupe is a unique, clean, angled and aerodynamic piece, reflecting its inspiration in the silhouette of the blue whale, the largest mammal on earth, which moves and exhibits its ease at sea.  Its three-dimensional configuration emphasizes the boat’s elongated volume and its 3.56-meter beam gives it robustness and stability. It also stands out for its genuine inverted bow, ready to navigate in rough waters.

The essence of Astondoa: the magic of spaces

Compact yet spacious, the 377 Coupe’s teak deck makes it easy to walkaround the perimeter of the boat.  At the bow is the maneuvering area hidden under a teak-covered seat and a large sundeck.

The cockpit, with its minimalist design, can accommodate the captain and two other passengers, while at the rear; it houses a kitchenette with grill, refrigerator and sink, perfect for cooking any meal throughout the day. The whole set is covered with its Hardtop that provides pleasant shade and protection for a comfortable navigation.

The state-of-the-art console, equipped with full instrumentation and multifunction touch screens, the leather sport steering wheel, its optional bow thruster, optional joystick controls, a perfect sound system for entertainment and a windshield that protects passengers and navigation equipment, these are other valued attributes of the 377 Coupe.

As the claim of the new campaign of this amazing Day boat says, “everything you need in 12 meters” becomes reality in the versatility of its rooms: saloon, dining room and sundeck, located in the stern area. Details such as the two benches facing each other with the central extendable table of the same size and the stern sundeck, also extendable, allow the configuration of versatile and necessary spaces at different times, which are transformed with a single movement of the backrests.

Under the sundeck, a garage designed for transporting the water toys with which enjoy the access to the engines.

On the 377 Coupe, everything has been carefully thought out and the numerous storage possibilities under the seats, whether for stowage, coolers or for housing the fenders, are much appreciated plus on this boat.

Interior: unique in its segment.

The interior of the 377 Coupe, with two cabins, has nothing to envy to the rest of Astondoa’s boats, very spacious and at the same time functional, it breathes luxury in details and finishes.

The staircase that connects the different rooms is designed in the traditional shipyard style, as well as the furniture arranged on the port side where the necessary crockery and refrigerator are housed.

The main cabin, with a large and comfortable bed, has a TV and it is complete with a generous bathroom with separate shower, exceptional for its length. The second cabin has two beds, also spacious. Both cabins provide sleeping accommodation for four passengers on board.


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