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Experiential luxury hand and hand with LAMBORGHINI, BENTLEY and ASTONDOA

ASTONDOA’s facilities in Santa Pola have recently been the scene of an exclusive event, where the Spanish luxury yacht brand together with BENTLEY and LAMBORGHINI have brought together a group of clients and friends to share a meeting where  through the creations of these prestigious brands we can realize how luxury becomes a sensory experience.

“I am so proud to have shared an encounter with two brands that share in common,  the sometimes “heavy” slab of history that makes us drive and transform ourselves constantly. We have done it until we got here and we will continue doing it to keep offering the world beauties such as the vehicles and yachts that we have been able to enjoy at this event “

Ione Astondoa, Head of ASTONDOA´s Communication and Marketing


With the common goal of sharing their ability to generate emotions and experiences through the yachts and vehicles that were exhibited at the event, the stories of the three brands are not so different.

BENTLEY represents the British tradition and was born in 1919, and has just celebrated its centenary, as has ASTONDOA whose history begins a few years earlier, in 1916. Both brands are centenarians and their current presence is the result of their heritage. LAMBORGHINI, even if its more recent, has born in the thrilling 60s, and it is also heir to a Italian automotive tradition that connects with the Mediterranean spirit, in which ASTONDOA is also inspired.

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